Paddle League 直立板聯盟


The new paddle league is out using point systems that was set up by Boss man from SUP racer to help define a world ranking system. The League is co-founded by the highly-respected veteran Australian athlete Kelly Margetts (Tour Commissioner), SUP Racer founder Christopher Parker (Tour Architect) and Brian Meyer from Capital SUP (CEO) in collaboration with the independent events, the Paddlers' Collective - the group of top athletes aligned to help grow the sport - and other major stakeholders.

The Paddle League World Tour combines 9 of the biggest races during the core season in order to crown a true international champion. We aim to tell a rich story about our sport; each of these events will become a unique chapter in the story while the athletes are the central characters.

Paddle League 是由 SUP Racer 國際評分標準制度中演變出來的新賽制。使用由 SUP Racer 建立的統一分數制度,Paddle League 的目標在於加強直立板運動的發展,增加運動員表現的機會從而幫助他們發展自己的事業,以及將直立板這個運動推廣到更多的草根階層等。

第一屆的 Paddle League 將會分為國際巡迴賽以及地區賽兩個組別。 國際賽將會由4月開始在首先在大溪地舉行,途經美國卡羅來納州、夏威夷、日本、西班牙等地,到最後在九月於荷蘭結束。


Paddle League World Tour Schedule (直立板聯盟國際巡迴賽日程)

1: Air France Paddle Festival

Tahiti, April 7

2: Carolina Cup

USA, April 18-22

3: OluKai Ho’olaule’a

Maui, Hawaii, April 28

4: Kerama Blue Cup in Zamami

Japan, May 12

5: Bilbao World Paddle Challenge

Spanish Basque Country, June 16

6: Hossegor Paddle Games

France, June 23

7: Mercedes-Benz SUP World Cup

Scharbeutz, Germany, June 30-July 1

8: Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge

USA, August 18-19

9: SUP 11 City Tour

Netherlands, September 5-9

For more information: http://www.paddleleague.com 更多資料可以到 Paddle League 官方網站查看。

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