Breaking News - Attention all race participants, we have a special announcement to make

Attention to all race participants, we've just received two breaking news that we have to share with you guys and you might want to sit down for this.

Ok, make sure you have sat down.


Steady yourself now....

SIC Maui (Sandwich Island Composite) - one of the most desirable SUP brands in the world, has just announced that they will send us one of their latest and greatest SUP surfboards - a brand new SIC Tao Surf 10'6 as a prize for the 1km inflatable SUP Men Overall Champion!

And as if that's not enough, just earlier today one of our long-time sponsors - Whatzsup Hong Kong Stand Up Paddle Board Pro Shop, has also said to us that they have teamed up with Supflex and will be able to provide us one of their most popular inflatable SUP boards, the Supflex 10 Pro as a prize for the 1km inflatable SUP Women Overall Champion!

Can you believe it? If you win the 1km iSUP race, either in the Men or Women overall category, you will literally leave the race with not just our medal and the recognition from the SUP community, but also with your very own personal SUP board - take back home for free, forever!

On behalf of the HKSUPBA team, as well as the Hong Kong SUP community, I would like to express our utmost gratitude to both SIC MAUI, Whatzsup Hong Kong as well as Supflex for their generosity. You guys have really done it - the biggest and most competitive SUP event in Hong Kong is about to become even more fierce!


SIC Maui(Sandwich Island Composite) - 全球最受歡迎的直立板品牌之一,剛剛宣布了他們將會為我們今次的國際直立板錦標賽提供一塊全新的 SUP 衝浪板 - 他們最新推出的 SIC Tao Surf 10'6 (價值約港幣一萬二千),作為一公里充氣直立板男子組總冠軍的獎品送出!

另外在今天較早時,我們的長期贊助商之一:Whatzsup 香港直立板專賣店,也告訴了我們他們將會與 Supflex 合作,為今次比賽提供一塊全新的充氣直立板 - Supflex 10 Pro 作為一公里充氣直立板女子組總冠軍的獎品!


在此我謹代表整個香港直立板總會團隊,以及全體香港直立板板友,對SIC MAUI,Whatzsup香港以及Supflex的慷慨表示最衷心的感謝。