What is it?

This is a special training program only for this summer, designed to help SUP beginner to improve their skills and learn from our experienced coaches. 

Explorer SUP Sports Co is the primary sponsor of this program. Because of their generosity, we are now able to launch the program at a discounted price!

The program aims to help SUP beginner (with zero experience) to:

1) Learn the basic of SUP

2) Understand SUP equipment

3) learn important safety rules

4) learn your basic paddle techniques on land

5) practice your strokes on water

6) To enjoy the fun of SUP

The class will be run in calm flat water

Class Schedule

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Who's Explorer?

The program is proudly sponsored by Explorer Sup, and supported by international qualified coaches of HKSUPBA.

Earth is 70% covered by water, our aim is to provide quality, innovative products to help us explore ocean in a fun, easy and safe way.

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Class Registration

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