2017 AUG 26




Following the great success from last year, we are trying to surmount ourselves by seeking a new and better race course this year. The race location was epic last year at Ham Tin Beach SAI KUNG, one of the most beautiful beach at the National Country Park in Hong Kong, the race course was a mix of formidable head wind, downwind and side wind, only the best could complete the race.  


This year, we will set the course at Sai Kung again becasue, SAI KUNG is famously claimed to be the 'back garden of Hong Kong', HK is surrounded by water, the territory includes 234 outer islands, many which produce great conditions for SUP paddling, especially the clear blue waters in Sai Kung Peninsula. 

 200M RED-DRAGON RACE   (3 males & 1 female)

1KM INFLATABLE SUP RACE   (male; female; youth under18)

LONG DISTANCE RACE - 8KM   (14' feet and under) 

male & female open

male & female 35 years old & above

youth under18)

ELITE RACE - 18KM   (14' feet and under) 

male & female open

male & female 35 years old & above

youth under18








LONG DISTANCE:    18km Elite Race / 8 km Race
RED DRAGON: 200m Race


1) 200m Red-Dragon
3 Male  Paddlers + 1 Female Paddler

2) 1km I-SUP Race



3) 8km Race

Male  Open
Female Open

Male 35 year-old & above

Female 35 year-old & above


4) 18km Elite Race 
Male  Open
Female Open

Male 35 year-old & above

Female 35 year-old & above




Submit the online registration form & advise your payments receipt in return to our office before set DEADLINE on  22nd AUGUST 2017. Late entries will not be applicable.


The 1km race is an inflatable SUP race, board requirement is 
14 foot under, paddler is allowed use their own board during the race. For those who does not have a board, HKSUPBA have boards for rental,  paddler who need to rent a board may send your request to our email address at  Boards are limited, they will be rented in first come first served basis, payment received before confirmation.

For 18km Elite Race, paddler will be withdraw from the race  if anyone exceed time limitation on checkpoints. 


Webscorer (International paddlers please enrol here)

Google Form (Hong Kong paddlers please enrol here)

PDF form (Paddlers from Mainland China please enrol here)
中国国内报名及缴费方法         请点​击,国内运动员如有任何疑问,可致电 13680481480  Lily 小姐联络及查询




HKD $500 for 1 event

HKD $600 for 2 events

HKD $700 for 3 events

Please direct full amount deposit to
Bank of China: #012-818-1-022092-5, payable to "Hong Kong Stand Up Paddle Board Association Limited", and advise related transaction receipt to or fax at (852) 2994-6859.

Please made crossed cheque payable to “
HONG KONG STAND UP PADDLE BOARD ASSOCIATION LIMITED“. Write down your name & contact number on the back of the cheque. Cheque should be mailed to Room 5, 12/f., Hewlett Centre, No. 54 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon. Hong Kong

For online application, an additional 5% service charged will be applied using PayPal. Please notice us by e-mail if you are choosing this method.

No alteration to entries will be allowed after set closing date.
HKSUPBA has jurisdiction over all matters not assigned by the rules above. Details of the above rules and regulations will be referred to English Version.

3. 中国国内报名及缴费方法         请点​击

Medals will be awarded top 3 paddlers of each event

Paddler who has completed the Elite Distance Race will be awarded a certificate of completion


All cash money is in Hong Kong Dollar

18 KM

(Cash Prize Sponsored by MVISION)  

Equal amount of sponsored prize money will be awarded to both Male & Female winners

in Male & Women Open Category

WINNER     $ 20,000 

1st RUNNER-UP    $ 10,000

2nd RUNNER-UP    $ 5,000

8 KM

(Cash Prize Sponsored by WHATZSUP)  

Equal amount of sponsored prize money will be awarded to both Male & Female winners

in Male & Women Open Category

WINNER     $ 5,000 

1st RUNNER-UP    $ 2,000

2nd RUNNER-UP    $ 1,000

HKSUPBA supports Gender Equality



Victoria Recreation Club


ADDRESS: DD 252 Lot 316, Tai Mong Tsai, 210 Tai Mong Tsai Road, Sai Kung , New Territories


In 1849, on the shoreline of Hong Kong Harbour where the City Hall stands today, the original Victoria Recreation Clubhouse was established.  Having been in operation in Canton since 1832 the VRC is distinguished as the oldest sporting and recreation club in the territory. The primary functions of the club were water sports, with rowing in the main. Early members also enjoyed social gatherings in a congenial colonial setting in the spacious and well-appointed clubhouse, highlighted by an annual Grand Ball.

Emerald Bay could well be considered the crown jewel of the Sai Kung Peninsula and the VRC Clubhouse is blessed to sit high atop at its peak on the waterfront.  Enjoying stunning panoramic views across from Sharp Island in Port Shelter, it will make one easily forget that they are living in the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong.

By taxi : 10 mins from Sai Kung to the Victoria Recreation Club

By bus # 94 (every 30 mins) : 20 mins from Sai Kung to Au Kung Wan,

then 10 mins walk to the Victoria Recreation Club



2017 AUG 27 (SUNDAY)


Private session 1 : 0800 - 0900

Group (max 12 pax) : 0900 - 1100

Private session 2 : 1100 - 1200

Sign-up here

“Stoke to share my skills & my passion to all SUP lovers, sign-up my SUP clinic, I'll see you all in HONG KONG."




Holiday Inn Express Hong Kong Kowloon East

Tower 4, 3 Tong Tak Street,Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong


















Bus 792M (every 20 mins) : Tseung Kwan O MTR Station > Sai Kung (it takes 30 mins)

Bus 94 (every 30 mins)      : Sai Kung > Victoria Recreation Club (it takes 20 mins)

Courtyard Hong Kong Sha Tin

1 On Ping Street, Sha Tin New Territories, Hong Kong














Bus 299X (every 20 mins) : Hotel > Sai Kung (it takes 45 mins)

Bus 94 (every 30 mins)      : Sai Kung > Victoria Recreation Club (it takes 20 mins)

Regal Riverside Hotel

34-36 Tai Chung Kiu Road, Shatin, Hong Kong















Bus 299X (every 20 mins) : Hotel > Sai Kung (it takes 50 mins)

Bus 94 (every 30 mins)      : Sai Kung > Victoria Recreation Club (it takes 20 mins)

Penta Hotel Hong Kong, Kowloon

19 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong















Minibus 1A : Choi Hung Public Transport Interchange > Sai Kung (it takes 35 mins)

Bus 94 (every 30 mins) : Sai Kung > Victoria Recreation Club (it takes 20 mins)










Q : How Do I Sign Up? 怎樣報名 ?


A: Click here for the enrolment link, please complete the enrolment form and make full payment in order to complete the enrolment process.

請點擊 這 裏 並進入報名連結,填寫及繳交報名費用才算完成整個報名程序



Q : How much for the registration fee? 賽事報名費用 ?

A: Registration Fee (lunch included):

Participate for one event only (18km Elite Race or 8km Long Distance Race): HK$500

Participate for one event only (1km Inflatable SUP Race): HK$300

Participate for one event only (Red Dragon Race): HK$320

Participate for two event: HK$600

Participate for three event: HK$700


Audience admission fee (lunch included):

Admission fee: HK$180 (included a 1.8km warm up fun race and 1 session of SUP free trial *first come first serve)

Admission & to watch the race (18km Elite Race) on speed boat: HK$380 (included a 1.8km warm up fun race)


只參加單一項目(18 公里精英賽或8 公長途里賽) : 港幣500 元正

只參加單一項目(1 公里充氣板賽) : 港幣300 元正

只參加單一項目(紅龍賽) : 港幣320 元正

參加兩個項目 : 港幣600 元正

參加三個項目 : 港幣700 元正

觀眾入場費(連午餐) :

入場費 : 港幣180 元正 (包括一場1.8 公里熱身圈活動及一節直立板免費體驗課,先到先得)

入場及安排於船上近距離觀賽(18 公里精英賽) : 港幣380 元正 (包括一場1.8 公里熱身圈活動)



Q : What is the breakdown of the schedule for the event? (the schedule is subject to change at anytime by HKSUPBA) 賽事流程及細節? (賽會保留隨時更改的權利)


A: 1) 18km Elite Race (14 ft and under) - Male & Female Adult; Male & Female Adult (Over 35); Youth (Under 18) 18 公里賽精英組 (14 呎或以下) - 男女子成年組,男女子成年組 (35 歲以上),青少年組 (18 歲以下)

2) 8km Long Distance Race (14 ft and under) - Male & Female Adult; Male & Female Adult (Over 35); Youth (Under 18) 8 公里長途賽 (14 呎或以下) - 男女子成年組,男女子成年組 (35 歲以上),青少年組 (18 歲以下)

3) 1km inflatable SUP Race (14 ft and under) - Male & Female Adult; Youth (Under 18) 1 公里充氣板賽 (14 呎或以下) - 男女子成年組,青少年組 (18 歲以下)

4) Red Dragon Race , 4 paddlers per team, all team member have to crossed the finish line to complete the race. Only 16 teams can registration, first come first served. 紅龍賽 – 4 人一組,4 位隊員都衝過終點才算完成賽事,只限16 隊,先到先得

Q : Which airport should I fly to if I come from outside of Hong Kong? 該飛往那一個機場 ?

A: Hong Kong International Airport 香港國際機場



Q : Is board rental available? 有沒有租直立板服務 ?


A: Yes, HK$200 for inflatable board or HKSUPBA SUP race board. HK$1,500 for specific brand of SUP race board (e.g. SIC, ONE Sup, Naish, Starboard).

有,香港直立板總會之充氣板及賽板,租金港幣二百元,專業賽板 (如 SIC, ONE Sup, Naish, Starboard),租金港幣一千五百元

Q : Where will the event take place? 是次活動將在香港哪裡舉行 ? 


 A: Victoria Recreation Club, Sai Kung  西貢域多利會



Q : What will the 18km elite race - course look like? 18km 精英賽的賽道情況如何 ?


The first 2.5km is open ocean choppy water with swells, the next 6km is more like a downwind and the last 9 to 10km is usually flat (changes could be made by HKSUPBA depends on condition).

最初的2.5公里是波濤起伏較大的開放水域,之後的6公里更像是順風的水域,最後9到10公里一般是靜水 (賽會保留隨時更改的權利)



Q : What will the 8km course look like? (subject to change) 8km的賽道情況如何?

Mainly Flatwater (changes could be made by HKSUPBA depends on condition)

在靜水區域進行 (賽會保留隨時更改的權利)



Q : Where do you recommend staying in Hong Kong? 建議香港的住宿在哪裡 ?


A: Courtyard Hong Kong Sha Tin is recommended. For more information, please visit Hong Kong Stand Up Board Assoication (HKSUPBA) website.

香港沙田萬怡酒店,詳情可到以下香港直立板總會網站查詢 - Hong Kong Stand Up Board Assoication

Q : How do I get from the airport to the city? 從機場到內區怎麼走 ?

A: The easiest way to get around is with MTR. For more information, please visit here.

最簡單的方法是搭乘地下鐵路,詳情可點擊 此查詢。

Q : How is the weather in Hong Kong in August?  預計八月份的香港天氣會如何 ?

A: The weather in Hong Kong would be hot and humid in August, with average temperature above 30 degree C and humidity around 70-90%. You can find the weather forecast here.

八月份的香港天氣炎熱潮濕,平均氣溫高於30 攝氏度,濕度約70-90%,查找天氣資訊點擊 此

Q : When are sunrise and sunset? 什麼時間日出日落 ?

A: Sunrise is at approx. 06:00-06:10. Sunset is at approx. 18:40-18:50.

日出約在06:00-06:10 及日落約在18:40-18:50

Q : Where is the starting and finish point of the race?  賽事的起點及終點在那 ?

18km Elite Race start at Bluff Island and at Victoria Recreation Club Sai Kung (land start and water finish). 8km Long Distance Race and 1km Inflatable SUP Race, start and finish both at Victoria Recreation Club Sai Kung (water start and finish)(changes could be made by HKSUPBA depends on condition) .



Q : Is there a cash prize? 有沒有設現金獎 ?


A: The first three male and female athletes (regardless of age categories) who finished the 18km Elite

Race: HK$20,000, HK$10,000, HK$5,000 respectively.


The first three male and female athletes (regardless of age categories) who finished the 8km Long

Distance Race: HK$5,000, HK$2,000, HK$1,000 respectively.


首三位完成18 公里精英賽的男子及女子運動員: HK$20,000, HK$10,000, HK$5,000。


首三位完成8 公里長途賽的男子及女子運動員: HK$5,000, HK$2,000, HK$1,000。


Q : Prize presentation? 獎項頒發 ?


A: Prize Presentation ceremony will be held at Victoria Recreation Club, Sai Kung right after races finished. Medals will be awarded to top three athletes of each races category. Commemorative medals will be awarded to the next 20 athletes who finish the race.

頒獎典禮會於西貢域多利會舉行,獎牌將頒發於每個項目頭三名完成賽事的運動員,紀念獎牌將頒發於之後20 名完成賽事的運動員。

Q : Is there a time limit for the race? 有沒有設比賽時限 ?

A: 160 mins for the 18km Elite Race and 80 mins for the 8km Long Distance Race. Athletes who fail to complete the race beyond the time limit are defined as “Did Not Finish” (DNF). Prize will not be awarded to participants who DNF.

18 公里精英賽限時為160 分鐘,8 公里長途賽限時為80 分鐘,超過時限而未能完成比賽者,均視為未能完成賽事論,將不會獲發獎項。

Q : Do we have to buy insurance by yourself? 需要自行買保險嗎 ?

A: Public liability is covered by organizer; participants can get their own insurance if they feel necessary.


Q : Adverse weather arrangement? 惡劣天氣安排 ?

A: The race will be cancelled if the tropical storm warning signal No. 3 or above or if a red or black rainstorm warning was hoisted by HK Observatory department at 05:30 a.m. on the race day. Therefore, participants of the race are highly recommended to check the weather forecast one night before the competition or at 5:30am on the race day. The race organizer is not responsible to inform participants that the race is cancelled due to aforementioned weather condition. If bad weather conditions occur during the races, the General Assembly has the right to decide whether to cancel the event according to the prevailing weather conditions.

若比賽當天早上5 時30 分,香港天文台已經發出3 號或以上熱帶氣旋信號、紅色或黑色暴雨警告信號,比賽將會消。參賽者敬請在比賽前一晚留意天氣情況,有關賽事安排,請於比賽當日早上5 時30 分留意各大電台或電視台之廣播。若活動進行期間遇上惡劣天氣情況,大會有權根據當時的天氣情況而決定是否取消活動。

Q : Any SUP clinic course? 有否直立板技術改進課 ?

A: Yes, the SUP clinic course will be carried out on August 27th and held by the world's ranking no. 2 male

racer Michael Booth. Arrangement shown as below:

08:00 – 09:00 One on one Private session 1

09:00 – 11:00 Group session Max.12 no. of participant

11:00 – 12:00 One on one Private session 2

有,直立板技術改進課程將於8 月27 日舉行,由世界排名第2 的直立板男選手 Michael Booth 親自教授,安排如下:

08:00 – 09:00  第一節 單對單私人課

09:00 – 11:00  團體課 人數上限為12 人

11:00 – 12:00  第二節 單對單私人課



G/F 26C, Monterey Place, 23 Tong Chun Street, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

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