Established in 2011, Hong Kong Stand Up Paddle Board Association coordinates different SUP activities in Hong Kong aiming at the promotion of SUP to Hong Kong residents. We have set up coaching courses to nourish coaches in Hong Kong so that more people can help distributing the interest among the city.

SUP was invented in Hawaii and is the predecessor of surfing. It is also called “Beach Boy Surfing” as those surf instructors in Waikki beach starts standing up on the surf board and use a one bladed paddle to explore the sea. The technique was also used to get a good view of the incoming sets of waves, and keep an eye on their students from a higher point. As times changed, board designs and fashions changed, the paddle was almost lost in the history of surfing.
Come back to this century, the paddle made a return to surfing in the hands of some of the world’s most famous watermen. They were re-discovering stand up paddle surfing to allow them to keep in shape as it brings together legs, back, feet, arms, neck and stomach muscles in a graceful display of core strength and balance. This water sport can also improve their surfing skills. Most surfers are more used to lying down and ducking under the waves.

SUP is a totally new experience. It is a great experience and a sport, which lends itself well for those who want a cardio, a balance and a strength workout. Stand up paddling encompasses core muscle action and it helps build core muscle balance and support.

But most importantly it’s great fun. Many Hollywood celebrities like Pierce Brosnan, Jennifer Garner & Kim Kardashian have engaged themselves in it because it’s both exciting and a great work-out.
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