Hong Kong Stand Up Paddle Board Association, ( HKSUPBA ) first established in Hong Kong 2011. Our aim is to provide and support enthusiast paddlers to further their interest with knowledge, products, courses / competition information and to promote and encourage participation.


Through the efforts of the committee members, we have moved forward and have  setup an association to provide rules, regulation and training in the sport and to give our full support to our affiliated SUP members and to all the clubs involved and help guide those to a more competitive level throughout the county and perhaps represent Hong Kong competing in international races with athletics from around the world.


HKSUPBA have held many instructor courses last year and are constantly working closely with many different communities and organizations in providing beginner / competitors training as well as SUP instructors training. Due to the ever growing popularity of the SUP sport, HKSUPBA are eager in facilitating experienced SUP personal to their next level.


HKSUPBA are very proud to have achieved and officially became the 76th nation member of the International Surfing Association, which is an international organization recognized by  International Olympic Committee ( IOC ).


Stand Up Paddling, ( SUP ) was invented in Hawaii and is said to have started when surfing instructors in Hawaii stood up on their boards to photograph their clients. The technique was also used to get a good view of the incoming sets of waves, and keep an eye on their students from a higher point.

SUP has an advantage as paddlers can paddle further into the ocean than the typical surfing and one can enjoy the wondrous of the oceanic view and its surrounding.  SUP boarding offers surfers the ability to catch more waves in a set, as well as offering a better view of incoming sets of waves than the most traditional surfing.

Stand Up Paddling is a very versatile sport and it is accessible to just about anyone with any athletic inclination and is getting more and more popular  all over the world. It has become a fast-growing water sport that delivers a full-body workout along with  core strength , balance and endurance. It is proving to be quite significant  where Health & Fitness are concerned and the individual can enjoy and achieve this in their local rivers , lake and canals.


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